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Cloud Core Banking

Nimble. Powerful. Customisable.

Tyche focuses on composable banking by recognizing the limitations of inflexible core banking systems. On a cloud-native engine, you can combine independent components and services to create custom lending and deposit solutions precisely when needed, whether you're building a new bank or transforming existing services into digital-first solutions.

What do you get with Tyche?

Flexiblilty. Lending. Deposits

Flexible infastructure

You benefit from unparalleled product configurability and personalization in Tyche's configuration layer, enabling you to effortlessly create, launch, and manage a wide range of financial products. Our clients share a common platform layer which we regularly upgrade free of charge*.

Lending engine

The Tyche lending engine enables banks, fintechs, retailers, corporates and others to build a variety of loan offerings tailored to your customer needs. From embedded finance, buy now pay later and mortgages to SME lending and purchase financing, you can easily configure and manage any lending product.

Deposit engine

With Tyche, you get a dynamic deposits engine that can power a wide variety of deposit-based offerings. Build a bank from scratch or take existing offerings digital-first, From banks of all sizes, building societies and credit unions, to digital wallets, prepaid cards and more, start solving world class customer needs today.


Tyche maintains an accurate ledger as a centralised, single source of truth. Our clients can manage sophisticated lines of funds in any product and denomination, from product transactions to reward points. Every record is easily spoolable in seconds and downloadable in your preferred format. You can quickly generate customer, financial, loan, organization, regulatory, deposits, and system reports amongst others.

API first

APIs expose all functionality within Tyche. With synchronous and asynchronous APIs, you can connect seamlessly with your current and planned fintech solutions. With our continuous integration support, your development team always has the support to execute your goals


Tyche operates in real time, with no batch processing. Your ledger is always available and accessible, streaming out rich data via APIs.

Use cases

A solution for every unique financial service model

Fintechs & Neo Banks

Enabling fintechs and industry newcomers access the right set of tools to support evolving demands of the fintech industry and global standard operations.

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Microfinance Banks & SACCOS

Well-incorporated banking and payment functions for Microfinance banks in one platform. Get started with intuitive user interfaces for your back-office operations and well-documented APIs that would help you expand your customer base.

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Omnichannel Banking

Easily and effortlessly integrate diverse payment messaging channels like NIBSS, ISO 8583, POS Device, Bill Payments and other possible channels to help you drive digital growth and reach more customers.

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